Thank you for a wonderful tournament. Everything was organized in a fantastic manner. We will try and make next year’s tournament.

Slobodan Markovic, one of the winners in his/her category.

Excellent festival, as always!

Kristine Tkachenko

It was a great very well run tournament which I enjoyed immensely.

Dale Proctor

How lovely that Collingwood, of all places, would have an international-level chess tournament! Progress!!

Thank you both for helping alert locals to the true wonders of chess!

Ron Kilius

The tournament was great. I look forward to coming back next year.

Riley Khan

Thank you for also having us over for the cocktail party. Evan, Sasha and yourself have amazing musical talents.

Part of the great experience this year is the fast restaurants nearby which made it easy to get to the afternoon round on time.

Tony Li

I decided to come to your festival at the last minute, as I happened to be visiting Toronto for work. I looked to see what Chess events might be happening nearby and saw that Collingwood wasn’t too far. What a great decision! I had a fantastic time, which perhaps helped me achieve my best performance in a tournament to date! The cocktail party you hosted on Saturday was a nice icebreaker and I ended up having more interesting conversations than I usually do at such events. Very much looking forward to next year’s event.

Thanks to you and Rosi, and the arbiters, for the great event.

Mila Aung-Thwin, Montreal, one of the winners in his/her category.

It is a pleasure to have the Collingwood-Somborac Chess Festival once again hosted in the Town of Collingwood. It is a wonderful addition to the list of festivals our Town hosts, and we are looking forward already to the Fourth Annual!

Her Worship Collingwood Mayor Yvonne Hamlin

It was a pleasure to be a part of the Collingwood Chess Festival this year! It was very well organized and it was so nice to play in this tournament.

It was also a great pleasure to be at your cocktail party on Saturday evening! The food, the music, the company were amazing!

Looking forward to see you next year!

Thanks once again!


Nava Starr, eight times winner of the Canadian Women’s Chess Championship, one of the winners in his/her category.

I had an absolute blast at the 3rd annual Collingwood Chess Festival. After spending most of my time facing off against a computer, it was refreshing to engage in matches with real people. Count me in for next year’s event, and in the meantime, I’ll be on the lookout for more chess festivals to join.

Bill Barlow

Thanks for hosting my son Aiden and me. Similar to the first edition, the tournament was well organized.

Thank you for also having us over for the cocktail party. Evan, Sasha and yourself have amazing musical talents.

Part of the great experience this year was the fast restaurants nearby which made it easy to get to the afternoon round on time.

Thanks again.

Tony Li

Hi Milan I really enjoyed your tournament and had lots of fun with great competition and I will definitely be back next year for sure, I also am really glad I got to play you in my final round it was the first time ever that I got to play the person who organized the tournament in a CFC match so thank you for that u played well and gave it your all I would love to play you on lichess.org my profile name is Devanator1

Thanks again for having me in your tournament

Devin Arnold

I’ve played this tournament every year and it never disappoints. I would 100% recommend this experience especially to beginners and players who have not yet tried a tournament. I also had a great time at the cocktail party!

Iassen Pelev, one of the winners in his/her category.

Thank you for an enjoyable tournament. My game on Friday night was an epic battle we almost filled two sheets of moves and I think I was still recovering over the weekend.

Greg Wilson

The tournament was great! I look forward to coming back next year.

Riley Khan

Thanks for another fun weekend. As I’d expected from my past experiences, it was a great event. Players and parents seem to enjoy interacting with you, and Collingwood’s draw is strong for players from the GTA. The Saturday reception is particularly popular – your place was packed this year.

Overall, I love this event, have enjoyed it every time, and am very excited for next year!

Jeremy Clark

This tournament was wonderful! It was a pleasure to be there. The place and nice atmosphere made the rounds more encouraging and interesting. I also met a lot of nice people, and one of them are you, Milan. Thank you for this!

Solomiia Rybak

Thanks to you and Rosi for another successful edition.

International Master Brian Hartman, one of our financial supporters and one of the winners in his/her category.

Guys thanks again for a fantastic tournament. It was lots of fun.

Brendan Munro

I would be happy to participate in ANY tournament organized by you and Rosi and the whole team!

You and Rosi are making it as a family event. We are all feeling very welcomed, and although tired, would be happy to play an extra game or two!

Sasha Starr, one of the winners in his/her category.

We would like to thank you for hosting a great chess event in Collingwood. Nice to see so many great minds work their magic. It was a well hosted event and we look forward to next year.

All the best.



I want to thank you for running this tournament and for organizing what is a very pleasant surprise!

Anthony Mei

This was my first chess tournament and I found it challenging and fun. The venue and organization were excellent. I will come again next year and I recommend it for players of any level.

Jeff Pratt

Great to be among chess fans and friends. Had lots of fun. Will do it again.

Tobias Scholfield

It was a great experience! My grandson learned new moves and meet new friends while enhancing his skills. We look forward to 2024.

Sharon Brigham

We had a great weekend in Collingwood! It was quite an experience. My son and I definitely will be back next year. Thank you kindly.

Frank and Gary Ramocsan

Nice feel to this tournament. Good turnout for a rural Ontario city (Collingwood: Population 21,793): 72 players in three sections.

It is a memorial tournament to a former, deceased, Toronto MD, DDS. It is sponsored by his son, Milan Somborac, a Collingwood resident. This is the second of two successive annual tournaments. Milan said he expected to have a 2024 tournament.

It drew a lot of Southern Georgian Bay and rural Ontario residents – I played players from Sudbury, Orillia, Collingwood, Aurora and Hungary (No city given). Collingwood is in a lovely part of Ontario.

I’ll definitely put it on my 2024 calendar as soon as the dates become available.

Bob A
(3rd place finisher in the U 1900 Section)

I greatly enjoyed participating in the 2023 (Somborac) Collingwood Chess Festival. The site was well lit and comfortable, while expertly managed by IA Hal Bond. This year’s edition saw a strong top group including 3 International Masters and 2 FIDE Masters, which provided all players and spectators with highly competitive games. My favorite aspect was crossing swords with IM Alexander Reprintsev hailing from Ukraine, then spending an enjoyable dinner with him as we shared chess nostalgia and spoke hopefully of the future.

Brian Hartman IM

Thank you for organizing such a great event. I had a wonderful time and am thrilled to come next year.

Gergo Ramocsan

The Eade Foundation is always looking for new ways to promote chess excellence. We have found a wonderful new partnership with the Collingwood Chess Festival.

James Eade
CEO, Eade Foundation

Thank you for putting on such a great event! This was my daughter’s first adult tournament and she really was made to feel welcomed. The participants were supportive and kind, and definitely played good games. The venue was spacious, convenient and pleasant. She (and our family) will be there next year.

Elizabeth Wilson for Serena

Following the results of the tournament, I will remember the friendly, homely atmosphere that prevailed at the tournament, which contributed to the creative game. Best wishes for the future.

Alexander Reprintsev


While Collingwood is known for its many natural amenities, chess tournaments may now be added to the list of attractions.

I wish you the very best with the tournament and for those visiting we trust that you will return in the years to come.

Keith Hull
Acting Mayor / Deputy Mayor Town of Collingwood

It was my pleasure to attend!

Brian Hartman International Master

Playing in the Collingwood-Somborac Chess Festival was a treat in every way. From the level of competition and organization to the venue and breathtaking scenery found in Collingwood, the tournament was fantastic!

Jeremy Clark 

Thanks so much for the tournament that you have hosted. Much appreciated.

Both my kids, Eugene Hua and Michelle Hua felt very good playing in the tournament especially in the good playing hall.

We will be going back for the tournament next year.

Gary Hua

It was a great and memorable event at a great location with a great host. In short, thank you for doing this. We would love to be back here again.

Ved Sharma

I was very happy to have a chance to join this tournament. I had just good memories about this event. Excellent organization and very nice city of Collingwood and area around. Actually I am in love with this city. Will come back for sure! Thank you very much for this great tournament

Kyrylo Demchenko former Candidate Master in Ukraine

This tournament was a great experience for my 2 kids. The player hall was big. It is hosted in this nice resort. We really liked it.

Denny Qian

This tournament was an unforgettable event!

This is on its way to become a model for all Canadian chess tournament and we are looking forward to our participation in the next year’s edition!

Sasha Starr

Nava Starr, WIM, 8 times Canadian Women’s chess champion.

It was my pleasure to take part in this tournament especially considering the welcoming atmosphere, professionalism and beautiful town of Collingwood. I would like to thank you for your efforts to run such a tournament!

Eddie Lu FIDE rating 2219

Event was well run as expected from the first class arbiter.  My son and I both enjoyed it tremendously. Great to hear the festival is returning.  Looking forward to it next year!

Tony Li